Customize Your Wedding Dress

LKNC provides expert style advice, online tools, and best-in-class dressmakers to turn your unique vision into a one-of-a-kind custom dress.


1. Explore your style

We know how important the details are, so our first step is to start understanding your unique style and vision. Start by exploring and choosing what's important in your wedding dress, and will help us match you to a dedicated design stylist. You can get inspired from brides photos or upload your photos to us

2. Customize your dress

After you decision on the style that you've chosen; You'll be matched with a dedicated design stylist who will work with you to turn your vision into a cohesive design. Our stylist will mail you fabric swatches to choose from, upload lace options to your email and provide you with a beautiful custom sketch of your design to ensure all of the details are right.

3. Make your dress ready

Before your dress is sent to be handmade, we will start with 2 important steps. First, we'll process payment. Second, you'll confirm your size by trying-on one of our custom pattern sample that is made to ensure a fit that's right for your unique body.

Depending on the complexity of the wedding dress, production will take approximately 1-2 months. When your dress is ready to be shipped you'll be notified with address confirmation and tracking details.


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