Our Designer & Creative Director

Travel back in time to the beginnings of LOOK IN COUTURE, where fashion is more than just a trend, it's a family legacy. Established in 1969 by Mr. Zein Saleh, a man with a passion for fashion, production, and marketing, the family business quickly became a staple in Beirut, a city that embodied the perfect mix of inspiration, passion, and trendsetting fashion.

Expanding with the family business, Zein Mohamad, creative director, co-owner, fashion & textile designer, continued with his father's legacy to expand into the fashion world starting back from Paris, owning a master's degree in design, a place that inspired him with its unique sense of creativity. Along side with his father's experience and his own knowledge and passion for design, LOOK IN COUTURE began to expand worldwide forming a solitude name in the fashion industry, and showcasing exquisite designs in international fashion exhibitions across Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Istanbul, and Izmir since 1996.

Zein's vision for LOOK IN COUTURE came to life through the creation of a marketplace for fashion, both in-store and online, catering to individuals and businesses alike. With his unlimited creativity and drive to make affordable luxury and trendy ready-to-wear pieces accessible to women all around the world, the brand has grown to include a fashion house dedicated to bespoke bridal wear and intricate ready-to-wear lines.

A LOOK IN COUTURE by Zein, a design concept store catering masterpieces, a blend of multi-cultures, and a language of beauty. From the delicacy of the fabrics to the hand and thread embroidery techniques, each piece is crafted with extreme attention to detail and timeless silhouettes that remain a testament to the brand's dedication to creating artistically driven pieces.

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