Preowned Items

At LOOK IN COUTURE, we believe in the importance of sustainability and reducing waste in the fashion industry. By offering preowned dresses, we're contributing to the circular economy and helping to keep clothes out of landfills. Plus, buying preowned is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and make more environmentally conscious choices.

If you're looking to sell your preowned dresses, consigning with us is a great way to do so while also contributing to a more sustainable future. Instead of letting your dresses take up space in your closet and eventually fading away, consigning them with us gives them a chance to find a new home and be loved by someone else.

Not only that, but consigning with us is also a hassle-free way to sell your dresses. We take care of everything from photographing and listing your items to handling the payment and shipping. All you need to do is drop off your dresses and wait for them to sell. And with our expertise in the industry, you can trust that we'll price your dresses fairly and get you the best possible return.

So if you have preowned dresses that you no longer wear, consider consigning with us and give them a chance to find a new life. You'll be doing your part for the planet and earning some extra cash in the process!

Here are some general rules that sellers should follow when consigning a preowned dress with us:

  1. The dress must be in excellent condition, free of any stains, tears, or damage.
  2. The dress must be freshly laundered or dry cleaned before consigning with us.
  3. The dress must be in style and seasonally appropriate.
  4. The dress must fit within our size and style guidelines.
  5. The dress must be a current or timeless style that is in demand.
  6. The seller must be the legal owner of the dress and have the right to sell it.
  7. The seller must sign a consignment agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the sale.
  8. The dress must be consigned for a minimum period of time, typically 60-90 days.
  9. The seller will receive a percentage of the final sale price, usually between 40-60%.
  10. The dress may be subject to markdowns or promotions at the discretion of the consignment shop.

By following these rules, sellers can ensure that their preowned dress has the best chance of selling and that they receive a fair return on their investment.

We accept preowned dresses worldwide.

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