About Us

LOOKINCOUTURE.COM managed by LOOK IN Group - Registered: LOOK IN est. 1969. Beirut - Lebanon / Paris - France.

Welcome to our world of elegance and luxury! We are a renowned fashion brand that creates and manufactures premium couture, evening dresses, bridal dresses, and ready-to-wear special items for women. Our brand is known for its unique style and attention to detail, and we take pride in offering our clients exceptional quality and craftsmanship. We also believe in sustainability and offer made-to-order wedding and occasion dresses to decrease our carbon footprint and preserve the environment.

In addition to our own creations, we collaborate with other brand fashion houses and designers to expand our market and exchange business ideas. We also offer wholesale and stockist options for those looking to carry our designs in their stores.

Our platform website offers clients the convenience of shopping online, with the ability to order and contact us from anywhere in the world. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, and our clients have the ability to connect with our designer, Mr. Zein, for special requests or exclusive appointments. Our team also offers online video meetings for those unable to visit us in person.

For brides and those seeking a unique evening dress, we offer personalized designs with Mr. Zein's guidance and expertise. We work closely with our clients to ensure their vision is brought to life in a dress that is as unique and special as they are.

We are constantly evolving and exploring new technologies to enhance the fashion industry. Our latest innovation is the integration of 3D fashion into our collection. This is a step into the future, allowing our clients to explore and order from our collection of digital dreams, showcased in our online store for worldwide boutiques orders and special requests.

As we continue to expand, our wholesale office in Beirut, Lebanon and our new office in Paris, France offer seasonal collections of evenings and bridals to order worldwide.

Get to know more about our Director and Designer, Mr. Zein Mohamad, and follow us on Instagram @LOOKINCOUTURE for the latest updates.