About LKNC

LOOKINCOUTURE.COM managed by LKNC Group Limited - Registered: LOOK IN est. 1969. Beirut - Lebanon / Paris - France.

  • We are an exclusive house of fashion and an online platform for bridal gowns, special event evening dresses, wedding party dresses, and accessories. Special in-house items are hand-made exclusively and designed as a limited edition items for our special clients worldwide. It is important that all our products are created with the highest level of integrity design and manufacturing process. All wedding and occasions dresses are made-to-order, this will help in decreasing the carbon print and ensure our commitment towards nature and clean world. All of our Bridal and couture dresses are 100% original designs and manufactured with our ateliers in Beirut, Turkey and Paris.
  • While LKNC offers curated bridal and evening dresses, a new expansion for online ready-to-wear clothing department launched to offer you a great shopping experience with different daily designs.
  • We present a great collection of luxurious mixed fabrics and accessories from the most exclusive and creative teams around the world, to bring you unique items of an exceptional artwork, passed from generation to generation by a handful of craftsman dedicated to the art of fashion and dress making.
  • LOOKINCOUTURE.COM, LKNC Group has successfully established an important network with all clients around the world to offer luxury hand-made dress designs, special bridal gowns, trendy ready-to-wear and compete the world's best retailers' stores, with impeccable packaging and unrivaled customer care.
  • The website is made just to match your comfort, with the help of our team you can browse all collections from the comfort of your own home or any place you like. Please allow us to assist you in anything you feel that you need to know. We are experts in drawing a beautiful smile on you with a lovely dress that inspires your beautiful soul.
  • Read more about CO-FOUNDER and DESIGNER Zein Mohamad.
  • We love our clients (and brides-to-be!) and can't wait to help you celebrate with our dresses. Do not forget to follow us on Instagram @LOOKINCOUTURE and @LKNC.CO